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Posted on July 1, 2015 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (234)

With the 4th of July rapidly approaching and the summer in full swing, it's the season of enjoying the outdoors and having fun filled barbecues! Everyone loves a good barbecue, but remember to always keep it safe. Here are some tips on how to barbecue safely!

  • When preparing food to be transported you need to remember a few important tips:
    • Always wash your hands often during food preparation.
    • Pre-patty burgers and pre-season chicken or pork before packing. This will help keep a clean an uncontaminated barbecue area.
    • Never thaw frozen meat on the counter at room temperature. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
    • Separate raw foods from prepared food in different coolers, this includes drinks.
    • Make sure you have plenty of ice for coolers.
    • Be sure that you pack enough utensils so that you have ones designated for cooking and serving (this includes plates, tongs, and spatulas).
    • Pack soap and a few clean towels for hand-washing. Invest in a few sanitizer buckets, this will allow you to clean your work area properly.

    • Never let food sit out for more than 2 hours.

    • Keep your food packed under ice, not resting on top of ice (remember that heat rises and cold falls)
    • Cook all food to a safe temperature.
  • After the barbecue you must be willing to toss out any extra food that you think may have been compromised by temperature abuse or cross contamination. (When in doubt, throw it out!)

We hope you have lots of safe and enjoyable events with family and friends this 4th of July and the rest of the  summer!

Learning more about A Cook For You Services

Posted on May 28, 2015 at 8:09 PM Comments comments (4020)
A Cook For You was recently interviewed by a local magazine, A Business Blooms. Take a look at the interview.

1) How and why did you come up with the idea for A Cook for You Catering Services?

A cook for you was a passion I had as a young adult. I love to entertain and prepare food for family and friends. I wanted to turn my passion into something I enjoyed doing. I also recognized a need for cooking programs for teens and young adults as most of my really close friends could not cook. I decided to attend culinary school to get the knowledge and skills to start a business that not only catered events but provide food service programs for different nonprofits organizations.

2) How long has your catering service been opened and where in Jacksonville is it located? Why did you pick the location/neighborhood for your catering business?

We have been open for 3 years we are centrally located in the Jacksonville area close to downtown. We choose that area because it allows us to reach every area in Jacksonville

3) Describe your transition from finance to cooking. One field is very analytical and logical, and the other is very creative, almost like an art form. How has your finance background helped you with your catering business?

After high school I worked in the banking industry. When the financial market started to take a turn I decided to pursue a culinary career. I enrolled in culinary school and the year before I graduated culinary school I was informed by the company that I worked for 10 years that I was being laid off. I was happy I decided to pursue a culinary career. Working in finance really helped me transition with the financial aspect of the business. It gave me the background to managing the office work of the business.

4) Name five words or phrases that you would use to describe your company and what it represents.



Customer Relationships

Fresh Homemade Food

Attention to detail to provide the best service, we want to focus on every detail of the event so the client can enjoy the experience

5) How does A Cook for You Catering Services stand out among other catering businesses in Jacksonville? 

We stand out because we care about our client's and the success of there celebration. We also allow client's to customize there menus and there event to there specific taste. We work with our client's from the planning phase of there event until the last guest leave. We work with love and attention to every detail!

6) What type of cuisine do you serve?

We serve a variety of cuisines! I would say our style of cuisine is classic with a modern twist! Fresh homemade ingredients, nothing prepackaged with clean refreshing flavors. Items like, mini crab cakes with citrus aioli, prime rib sliders with homemade horseradish bbq sauce, seared scallops with citrus summer squash, lobster frisee with gruyere potato gnocchi. We also serve items for corporate function, assorted sandwich platters, fresh fruit display, organic vegetable platters, and pasta salads. We also serve gluten free, diary free, vegan, and kosher meals upon request. 

7) What are five qualities that an effective businesswoman should possess? 

Business management skills (Leadership)

Passion with motivation for anything she does personally and professionally

Tenacity and perseverance never take no for an answer

Flexibility and creativity

Financial Knowledge

8.) What kind of impact do you want A Cook for You Catering to have on the Jacksonville business community? 

When I started A Cook for You, I was so focused on the catering aspect of my business. As time progressed however, I realized I wanted to have a larger impact on the community. I started to seek out organizations that had food programs for the homeless, single mothers, families going through medical challenges. I wanted to give back to those in need. I teach cooking lessons to young mothers who are expecting. I am one of the Caring Chefs for The Ronald McDonald House. We go and cook meals for the families staying in the house while there children are receiving medical treatments.  Our motto is Inspired by the love of food, I believe food is love and we want to share our love not only with people having special occasions but with those who are going through a tough time I would like for our company to impact the city of Jacksonville with loyalty and dedication to everyone that comes in contact with our company.  

9) What is one lesson that you have learned during your first year of business?

I have learned that having a successful business is more then creating great food that is just the beginning. You have to have the heart and compassion to serve others, create experiences that the client won’t forget, have business skills to manage food cost, and have work ethics that says we won’t quit until everything is Perfect! 

10) What kind of dining experience can customers expect from A Cook for You?

A customer can expect decadent food made with the best ingredients. We want to leave you with a lasting impression. We want your experience to be what YOU want not something from a menu from so many other events. We are always available to our client s to assist them with making there vision a reality.